Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Almost every day I hear about people in my circle of acquaintances who are in a bad health. The complaints seem to increase more and more. In my environment I hardly know anyone who doesn’t have any health problem, even if it is only a small one.

I often think about where the causes lie. What do these people do differently, what do they do wrong?

There are some reasons. Of course, many things are not recognizable at first glance.

It is easier to answer the question: What do healthy people or people who pay a lot of attention to their health do differently?

What distinguishes healthy people from the sickly and the permanently afflicted, who constantly run from doctor to doctor?

And how can you tell that you are on the right track?

Near-natural nutrition

Healthy people orient themselves towards nature and the evolutionary development of man. They think logically and act according to their common sense. They know that a diet that is close to nature and intended for them is elementary for health, that it is their medicine.

For example, even animals in the wild rarely get diseases. They only develop these when they are in the “care” of humans and no longer live as nature intended for them.

Acting on one’s own responsibility

Healthy people trust no other person more than themselves and thus make the best decisions for their health. They take responsibility for themselves and do not leave them to others.

Only through one’s own interest, self-responsibility, one’s own actions and appreciation of one’s own body, true health can develop. It is your own shell that you carry around with you throughout your whole life. Why should someone else know your body? Why should he be so interested in being well?

Going to the next doctor is the easiest way for many. But today it can be dangerous to place yourself in the hands of doctors – a dead end, perhaps even an abyss. Because here, too, it’s often just a matter of business or big money.

For many it is or would be a big step to break out here and go another, new way. It takes knowledge, courage and conviction to become independent from others (and it is certainly not advisable in every case!).

But many people feel that there are still other, natural ways and possibilities and try to tread these ways where only possible. Therefore they may seek other opinions or advice, inform themselves, trust their instincts, critically question. And then they change their lives accordingly. The corresponding motivation must be there, because for that you need will, flexibility, discipline.

Listen to the body

Healthy people listen to their bodies more than to a doctor. They have learned to trust him and only act on what is good for their body and soul.

They avoid stress, take care of a balance to their profession, consciously seek relaxation.

They also listen to their bodies when it comes to nutrition. Because it is smarter than we think. For example, desires are signs of a certain lack of macro- or micro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, …), which the body needs to be healthy and stay healthy. In general, I see almost all diseases as a sign of a wrong diet, too much harmful to the body or a lack of certain nutrients due to a one-sided diet, so that certain processes in the body cannot function properly.

It is crucial to go the right way and to focus on the well-being of the body and the soul.

Investing in health

People who pay attention to their health see the expenses for good food or the time for the regular sports program as an investment in their health.

They know that medicines are only substances that imitate certain natural substances. Those who eat close to nature take in many “medicines” that are important for the body on a daily basis. The right food is medicine!

Moreover, behind the trade in medicines there is a business worth billions. People who pay attention to their health see through this system, do not trust it and would therefore avoid spending money on medication as much as possible.

Only good food

Healthy people eat consciously. They determine what they eat and are not forced to do anything.

They go their own way and no other way.

They largely opt for local, regional, GMO-free food in organic quality and reject mass livestock farming.

Support farmers

Those who only want the best for themselves, treat their fellow human beings, animals and the environment accordingly.

Those who attach great importance to good food are happy when they can support the trusted farmer or farm shop at every opportunity. Those who are dependent on good food make sure that it continues to exist and that the people who are responsible for it are doing well.

People who pay attention to their health avoid goods from corporations, from industrial farms with mass animal husbandry or from monocultures.

Nutrient-rich foods

Those who eat seasonally, get meat and eggs from grazing, buy organic food, get more nutritious food like someone who buys conventional food (soil quality, varieties, less exposure to chemicals,…).

Since healthy people eat close to nature, foods are omitted which extract nutrients from the body (sugar, cereals, pulses,…) and other nutrient-rich foods are incorporated (butter instead of margarine, lots of vegetables, offal,…). In this way they automatically give your body many important nutrients so that it can function properly.


People who take care of their health look closely at the ingredients and make sure that the list is short.

They know what is bad for the body and should be avoided. What sounds strange, has been abbreviated or is unpronounceable should make you suspicious.

They also know what their body needs and what they feel good about. They have observed themselves, know how their body reacts to such things and act accordingly.

This is especially true for body care or household products.

They also avoid highly processed foods that have lost many or even all of their nutrients as a result.

Cooking by yourself

Healthy people cook for themselves. They know that health starts in the kitchen and that everything is in their own hands. Here we only use what is good and meets our personal requirements. So cooking is essential to stay healthy.

In addition, it has a relaxing effect and you give appreciation to the food.

Who feels good while eating, does body and soul something good!

No diet trends

People who strive for health do not follow diet trends. They know that diet trends are just marketing and moneymaking. Fruit and vegetables have no lobby – our farmers earn from the right, original, healthy food!

They think sustainably and thus also deal with their bodies. They listen to their body and use common sense to decide which food really makes sense for them in the long term.

A lifestyle develops out of this, which is transferred to many other areas.



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