How to Do Parkour

Learn ways to do parkour and also you will be able to add 8ft walls, leap throughout voids, vault over rails, fly via your setting, as well as take drops up to 10ft with the exact same amount of impact as a typical individual doing a jumping jack (it’s been clinically verified).

Learn ways to do parkour and also if you are ever put in a crucial situation where you need to get away from 4 punks aiming to rob you, capture someone that simply stole your sweethearts purse, and also etc., you will certainly understand exactly just what to do, you will not be terrified, as well as you will succeed.

Master the dicipline of parkour, and it will be a joke when individuals aim to chase after you, you will certainly almost hope some one aims to take your bag because the reality chase would be a lot fun as well as simple.

An additional good idea about parkour is that it is a great method to remain in form, it functions your entire body as well as constructs efficient muscle mass. So whether you are an individual or woman, attempting to reduce weight or get exceptionally reduced, parkour will get you there. It’s additionally a lot of fun! Once you get started you will quickly become addicted and also it will really transform the way you consider the globe around you (most traceurs, including myself, will tell you this first hand).


Parkour has recently obtained incredibly popular on tv and also in movie. They show guys doing death opposing jumps and enormous roof covering spaces throughout buildings.

This is NOT exactly how parkour is!

The majority of your training is spent in a low to ground secure environment. You start off tiny and also slowly build your means up. It takes years of training for the big jumps that you see on television and they are not executed usually.

We traceurs just execute a risky move when we are either placed in an essential situation or have trained on that certain step and are 100% confident in the jump. If we are not feeling it of what ever reason we do refrain it.

The last point you intend to do is badly injure yourself or pass away.

Some people believe we are thugs that damage home as well as have no respect. This might not be any kind of additional from the reality. Traceurs regard their training locations, compared to the regular person. The architecture and obstacles practically come to be a component of us, the last point we would certainly want to do is hurt the training spot that we use. We do not intend to harm residential or commercial property or damage any person we simply intend to be able to move openly in our environment.


Parkour is a really physically demanding technique. Always speak with a physician or physician prior to you start training.

Whatever age you are or physical level you are you can train parkour. It’s about beginning at a level that fits with you and constructing your means up.

Parkour is likewise extremely low-cost to get into. Ha all you actually need are some comfortable workout clothing and some running footwear.

The most effective locations to train parkour are generally parks, college universities, midtown city locations, as well as any other area that has a range of challenges

Here are the three actions to obtaining beginning!

STEP # 1- Discover all the fundamental activities

You have to discover all the standard steps, exactly what they are as well as how you can do them. Below’s a list of the essentials-.

Fundamental Landing, Parkour roll, Dive Roll, Accuracy, Stride Accuracy, Plyo jump, Crane, Wall-run, Feline Jump, Tac, Feline to Feline, Lache, Transform Vault, Rate Safe, Kong Vault, Diving Kong Safe, Double Kong Safe, Dashboard Safe, Reverse Safe, Kash Safe, Underbar, Harmonizing, Cat-Balance.

ACTION # 2- Conditioning.

You require to condition your body for parkour. The majority of parkour conditioning is executed with just your body weight. Conditioning goes hand in hand with training the fundamentals to parkour. The stronger and also more collaborated your body get the quicker, easier, and much more powerful your activities will certainly become.

A great deal of times the parkour activities themselves will certainly be added into the conditioning routine. You will certainly wish to problem regarding 3 times a week as well as include a mix of particular workout regimens.

ACTION # 3- Beginning Training.

You have to venture out there as well as start training. Start tiny and also progressively accumulate. So start by practicing a tiny accuracy jump, from one line to one more on level ground. When you get comfy and successful with that, attempt jumping back as well as forth to lines at different lengths. After that move to jumping back and forth to elevated up objects, such as two visuals. Develop up to two ledges. To two rails.

That is how the cycle goes. Find out the fundamental actions, problem, and afterwards train at a small degree and keep increasing as you obtain stronger as well as much more comfy.


Here’s the steps to the fundamental touchdown to obtain you started.

You have to find out the standard landing before you learn any other relocations otherwise you will certainly not know the best ways to land from the motions and if you’re embarking on of something you will certainly run the risk of injuring on your own.


You CONSTANTLY want to launch the landing on the spheres of your feet. You NEVER EVER wish to land level footed or on your heels.

When you land flat footed or on your heels your body will act like a rigid board and also will certainly not have the ability to absorb any of the touchdown. All the force as well as stress of the jump will go right into your joints and back. If you do this off of a tool to high effect dive you will certainly hurt on your own.

You wish to arrive at the SPHERES of your feet and allow your muscular tissues as well as joints to act naturally, bend correctly, and absorb the influence. This will enable your body to act like a springtime that soaks up the force and the influence as well as puts much less pressure on your joints as well as back.


Do not enable your legs to bend listed below 90 levels. When you flex your knees listed below 90 levels you are placing too much tension on your knee joints and it implies you are not landing appropriately. If you are landing a drop that you will not have the ability to take in fully with your legs enter into action # 3.


If it’s a huge decline that you won’t be able to totally soak up with your legs without bending below 90 degrees, you intend to bring your pass on to the ground for extra assistance.

You will lean your body a little onward, maintain your back right, hands straight in front of you with your arms directly but with a mild bend, hands facing the ground, and also utilize your hands to take away some of the influence.

You ought to virtually appear like a gorilla, with legs curved as well as hands touching the ground. After you soak up emerge as well as ahead.
This will permit you to maintain your legs from going below 90 levels and enable you to absorb a lot more influence.

Now this standard landing should not be utilized when you have a great deal of forward momentum with your jump. For example, if you were running and also embarking on of anything above 4 feet with a great deal of forward momentum you will certainly intend to execute a parkour roll, which is an innovative landing.

You also would intend to make use of the parkour roll as opposed to a basic touchdown if you were leaping out off of anything above 6ft. The fundamental landing functions well for tiny jumps, however the parkour roll is crucial for taking big decreases. Get prepared and get the gears! Get them hereĀ TheBestParkourGear’s Tumblr.

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