Excursion from Naples to Capri

So today I took the ferry to Capri. The weather on this day was cloudy, but as on the other days not cold. So I went to the ferry port after the usual breakfast. I already picked out a connection on the Internet before. After some time I found the ticket sales. Before that, a man told me that the Blue Lagoon was unfortunately closed yesterday and nothing exactly was known today. So I was warned, but I didn’t want to make any changes to the itinerary. After I got my ticket, I took the ferry shortly afterwards. This one had a jet drive and was relatively fast.

After less than an hour we reached our destination. There I asked again about the Blue Lagoon, but it was really close because of the swell. Even if it didn’t look so high. Then I wanted to buy a ticket for the ferry at about 4:30 pm, but only got one for about 6:15 pm because the other one was fully booked. Afterwards, I bought a bus ticket to Anacapri, where I wanted to use the cable car to Monte Solara. The bus also left shortly afterwards and took me to the village. The cable car station was quickly found.

Villa San Michele di Axel Munthe.

It was actually a chairlift and looked a little dangerous, but never mind. I was taken to the summit without any problems. But it was in the fog and you couldn’t see anything from above. Fortunately, shortly before reaching the cloud cover I took a photo of the bay of Naples. After all, I got a cappuccino upstairs. Afterwards, I went down again.

In Anacapri, I visited the city centre. There were some interesting buildings there. From there I walked in the other direction, looking for the Villa San Michele di Axel Munthe. It was also quite worth seeing and had a beautiful garden. One must consider oneself very lucky if one can own such a beautiful villa on Capri. Finally, I went back to the bus stop and took the bus to Marina Grande, the ferry port. My feet slowly hurt again, so that I decided not to visit the second place on Capri, namely Capri itself. It was shortly after 15:00 and there was another ship in the harbour. I bought one ticket for it and the other one back.

Drive from Capri back to Naples.

which fortunately was possible. So I didn’t have to kill 2-3 hours of time. The ferry left shortly afterwards and unlike the trip where you could be on deck and take some photos from outside. I took advantage of that.

In conclusion, it is a pity that the Blue Grotto could not be visited and there was no view from the top of the mountain, but there were certainly considerably fewer people there than during the high season. The temperatures are also more pleasant and the prices are certainly lower and as a self-employed person I would naturally also like to minimize loss of earnings because these are the actual high costs of the holiday. So I consciously accept the negative aspects of a winter holiday.

Arrived in Naples I went back to the hotel and did this and that. Later I went to the other restaurant where my hotel reserved a place for me. Dinner was okay. Today there was no pizza, but New Year’s Eve menu. I ordered a pasta and a main course. Here, too, there were many fish dishes, but I didn’t see many fishing boats from the ferry. Maybe I’ll go back on the following days,
Night fireworks. Night fireworks.
Fireworks at night.
since pizza was apparently invented in Naples.

For the rest of the evening there would have been the theoretical option to go to a public concert in Piazza del Plebiscito and later to the big fireworks on the waterfront promenade, but that would have meant another walk of 3 kilometres back and forth and my feet won’t go along and I’m also too lazy about it.

Instead, I see an Italian music channel reporting live from the mentioned concert and others in Verona and Milan. The audience looked a bit older and the music is not the total hit. And at midnight, I might go to the window and take a picture or two and then hand it in. According to ZDF, the biggest New Year’s Eve party in Europe is in my old university town in Berlin anyway.


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